Pasta Maker

Mesin membuat mee, pasta automatik.

Juga boleh membuat maruku, kuih dragon cookies, kuih samprit, kuih tat, ban hot dog, sarang semut dan lain lain lain dengan hanya menukar matanya sahaja


Product Description

1. It can make many styles of noodles.
2, Four digital display to show the time and working state.
3. Using qulity ABS material

1. Noodles maker is a new kind of food machine, it is relly professional on making all style of tasty and healthy noodles according to your personal taste.
2. Besides elegant appearance, it has micro-computer controlled program, which makes easy operation.
3. It adopts new technology and has a special structure, it’s very safe and quiet!
4. Not only enjoy the delicious noodles, but aslo enjoy the cooking
5. Microcomputure controled working programs make it easy to operate.
6. It’s very safe and quiet.
7. It has many colors for choice.

Capacity (of Flour)                       : 700g
POWER                                           : 220V 50Hz 180W
Weight (N. W. /G. W. )                 : 15/16.8Kg (2PCS)



Boleh melihat contohnya dari video berikut